About Us


The Thomas Group is a diverse business operation made up of multiple company divisions employing more than 75 employees and operating throughout California, Nevada and the Pacific Northwest.

The Charles E. Thomas Company specializes in General Construction and Service for Industrial Commercial, Fast Food, Utility and Privately Owned Companies, Retail Fueling, Refinery, Municipality, Public Works, Car Wash, and Quick Lube & Tune projects and more.

Our professional staff includes Salesmen, Estimators, Project Team Leaders, Construction Superintendents, and Field Personnel who have been trained and certified to meet all of the manufacturers installation and support requirements as well as the strict and complex local, state and federal regulatory requirements. This ensures your project is in the best hands with us and will be managed and supported with the highest level of quality, integrity and accountability possible.

Our History

Founded in 1949 by Charles (Jeff) Thomas and his wife Theresa. The business originally focuses on servicing & rebuilding gas pump meters. Working from their home garage, Jeff and Theresa were the only two employees of the company.

In 1955 Jeff and Theresa’s son Jerry joined the company. After a couple of years the business began to grow significantly. The office and operations were relocated to a larger proper at 112th and Vermont Street in Los Angeles.

In 1971 Jeff Thomas, Found and President passed away and his son Jerry was named President. Due to the continuous growth of the company additional employees were hired including Bill Richter (Executive Vice President, retired) and Brian Hurley (Vice President – Technical Services)

In 1972 all office and operations were moved to the Gardena location and throughout the years have purchased 5 buildings on Alma Ave to accommodate for continuous growth.

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Executive Bios

Jerry Thomas


Greg Thomas


Ann Thomas


Brian Hurley


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